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Chanel Rizzardo

Clinic Days: POINT COOK on Saturdays

Chanel is passionate about delivering current, evidence-based practice and is constantly updating her skills and expertise to ensure your child receives up-to-date, quality intervention tailored to their individual needs. Chanel strongly believes in a family-centred approach to therapy to ensure the best level of care is provided to you and your child. Chanel loves building confidence in children to enable them to develop their skills and potential. She also enjoys providing children with opportunities to succeed and flourish within the community.
Chanel enjoys giving back to the wider community. She has volunteered at various hospitals, including the Royal Children’s Hospital, as well as in primary school settings. Through her volunteering roles, Chanel has developed a further appreciation for children and their families experiencing a range of communication difficulties. This empathy is reflected in her practice, where she is dedicated to building rapport and understanding your child in order to develop and personalise goals that are both functional and beneficial to the individual needs of your child. 

She has further training in the Sounds-Write literacy program, and is committed to continuing her professional development in areas such as autism and language and phonological delays. 
Chanel is committed to offering quality speech pathology services and is passionate about making a difference. She is looking forward to working with you and your child!